Presenter Handbook

Before you begin - please make sure that you read the following guides:


  1. Download Whova or sign in to the Web App
  2. Check the guidelines for speakers , download ZOOM before your presentation
  3. Look for your session in Whova - find your session 20 min before the session starts
  4. ZOOM rooms will be open 20 min before session starts
  5. Choose “View Live stream”. 
  6. Use your real name in ZOOM! (see “How to change my name in Zoom”)
  7. Contact the Break-moderator in chat telling that you are a presenter (see “How to use chat in Zoom”)
  8. Break moderator will assign you the speaker preperation room where you meet the session-chair and get  prepared for your presentation (see "How to join/leave a breakout room in Zoom")
  9. A few minutes before the session starts the green room will be closed and you will be back in the session-room
  10. If you do a life-presentation, you will get a command to unmute your microphone and share your desktop. You can go on with your live-presentation. (see “How to share your screen”)
  11. After the presentation (life or pre-recorded) please stay available for question and answer.