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Tradition in Upper Austria - all used photos:  (c) OÖ Tourismus / Röbl

"Upper Austrian Tradition at its Best"

Date / Time July 12, 6:30 PM
Venue JKU Linz, University Restaurant and adjacent courtyard of Castle Auhof see here for more details!
Participation Free for registered ICCHP 2016 participants - bring your badge / no vouchers needed


Despite the constant change and the spiritual reorientation of our time and the speed that we experience, one can not overlook the need of many people to track their own cultural heritage.
Tradition handed down is not forgotten - it is the legacy of our ancestors. Sometimes we are aware of it - often unconscious or only visible in almost ritualized actions and events.

The remaining "alive" Tradition in the regions in Austria is fascinating. All are related to and based on music and the majority to dancing.
For many people, the active participation in today's Tradition seems to keep the balance to our technological, stressful world.

For many people, especially the younger ones, Tradition and Customs mean fun and pastimes today.
This is obviously the difference to the time of our ancestors, where most Tradition was exclusively related to religious ceremonies.
This seems to be a good compromise - a way to give customs and traditions a continued existence.

While some "modern" events (e.g. the Oktoberfest in Munich) are noisy, commercialized mass events, there are also others displaying living Tradition, dance and music.
And this is what we want to show you together with "Stubnmusi" and the Volkstanzgruppe Altenberg.

Pic showing upper austrian festivities