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Photo of Priska Feichtenschlager

Priska Feichtenschlager
Conference Office, Financial  Management, Registration Desk

Photo of Silke Haider

Silke Haider

Photo of Peter Heumader

Peter Heumader
Conference Tool, Website, Proceedings

Photo of Reinhard Koutny

Reinhard Koutny

Photo of Klaus Miesenberger

Klaus Miesenberger

Photo of Tomás Murillo Morales

Tomás Murillo Morales
Conference Tool, Website, Proceedings

Photo of Andrea Petz

Andrea Petz
Social Events, Accessibility, Workshops/Meetings, Website, Proceedings

Christian Schult

Christian Schult
IT, Proceedings

Logo Masary University

Teiresias Support Centre for Students with Special Needs,
Masaryk University
Brno, Czech Republic

Petr Penaz

Petr Penaz
Programme ULD